Stay Safe - Our Covid 19 Guidlines and Cleaning Checklist

Dear Guest

As has always been the case, we are making the utmost effort to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working to implement preventative measures and guidance in order to mitigate any known risks and will put these on our website and in the bedrooms, so that our guests can read what we are doing and feel confident that they will not be exposed to any unnecessary risks when they stay with us. All of this is in addition to our normal cleaning routine, which we have attached to this document.

We would like to draw your attention, in particular, to the fact that Pauline will NOT be tidying your room during your stay, as she would usually do, unless specifically requested to do so due to a particular issue. We have provide extra bin bags in the top drawer of your room plus a disposable toilet brush, sanitising wipes and sanitising hand gel. Please bring your litter down stairs in a tied bag for us to dispose of in the dustbin or take it home with you. Please ask if you need anything else.

We will review and update where necessary, as the situation evolves, according to the Government and World Health Organisation Guidance.

We take our own temperatures daily, hand wash constantly and use sanitiser gel in between. We use proper cough and sneeze etiquette, using and binning tissues and washing hands immediately. We are protecting you as well as ourselves.

You can book your stay online at, via an agent or by calling us. We recommend before booking your stay that you read through our Stay Safely procedures on our website.

We ask the obvious! If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 that you call us to postpone your stay. These include; A high temperature and a new and persistent cough, loss of taste and/or smell.

We have put Stay Safely Feedback Forms in your room and would ask you to complete one before leaving so that we can improve things when necessary.

We really hope that you have a relaxing, enjoyable and safe stay with us!
Keith & Pauline Gill


On Arrival

Hand sanitiser will be provided on arrival and dispensers will be in your Bedroom, in the Guest Lounge and Breakfast Room, for you to use.
We will ensure that social distancing of a minimum of 1 meter will be maintained at all times.
We will avoid touching or handling your luggage or belongings. However, we are always happy to help and, if necessary, will wear gloves or apply sanitising hand gel prior to doing so.
If you have any special requirements please let us know before you arrive so we can make the necessary preparations with everybody’s safety in mind.

During Your Stay

Every guest bedroom and en-suite shower room will be fully cleaned before each stay (please refer to the Cleaning Checklist for the normal cleaning routine), including spraying a disinfectant mist over every surface and locked, to ensure no contamination occurs prior to your arrival.
Any printed material in your room, that cannot be wiped, will be replaced prior to your arrival.
Fabric items such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, carpet, chairs and other furniture will also be sprayed with an approved sanitising solution, which is effective in killing Covid-19 but otherwise harmless, during the room clean.
We have removed bed cushions and bedspread as these are rarely used and are simply decorative. Please let us know if you would like extra cushions or blanket.
Linens, towels and robes are professionally washed on a high heat, with added sanitisation.
We will NOT be tidying your room during your stay unless specifically requested to do so. If necessary, tidying will be done wearing a mask and gloves and personal items and clothes will not be touched. We have placed sanitising wipes, a disposable toilet brush and hand gel in you en-suite shower room plus extra bin liners (in the top drawer or the dressing table.)
There are a selection of restaurants offering take-away meals as well as normal take-away facilities including a Fish and Chip shop, in Lanchester and we will be happy to facilitate take-away meals in the Breakfast room until the restaurants in the village re-open fully. We will request that you use hand sanitiser both before and after eating. We will ensure that your party eats alone , by allocating time-slots, if necessary, as with breakfast.
Tissues are available in all rooms – please use and place in the available bins so that they can be disposed of regularly.


Breakfast is served in the Breakfast Room which has been re-configured to provide separate tables for each party, at least 1 metre apart. However, we will ask guests to choose a time slot on arrival, to try and avoid guests entering the room at the same time.
We will ensure that our clothing is clean each day and that our hands are regularly washed and sanitised. We will wear face masks and gloves whilst serving breakfast, and the plates and drinks, will be placed on a table, where our guests can collect them, whilst maintaining 1 metre distancing.
Table linen is washed and ironed before each use; all condiments, toasts racks, jugs, glasses, cups, cutlery and plates are wiped or washed in the dishwasher, as appropriate, before each use.
When You Leave
When you check-out, if you have not already paid before your arrival, we will ask you to ring us from your room to provide us with your card details in order to pay using our card machine. If you prefer, you can make payment online directly into our bank account or if no other option is available, use our card machine in person. The card machine will be sprayed and wiped after each use.
Our telephone number is 01207 528420

The Old Post Office Room Cleaning Check-List (Written when we opened in 2014)

1) Strip bed and put bedding and towels in washing machine on hot, cotton wash.
2) Shake (and brush if necessary) sheepskin rugs and leave on chair. Wash in bath with specialist wool wash if dirty.
3) Wipe all bed surfaces that could accumulate dust.
4) Replace towels, one each of bath sheet, hand towel and flannel, folded and placed neatly.
5) Clean En-suite shower room
a) Wipe shower cubical dry using damp cloth and cleaning spray, ensuring no hairs are left in tray.
b) Remove water outlet head and clean thoroughly. This may need to be unscrewed to remove any trapped hair.
c) Wipe tops of shower box, shower head and cubical bars.
d) Wipe glass of cubical with glass cleaner or micro fibre cloth, making sure there are no smears or water marks.
e) Clean toilet and seat and close lid. Replace toilet roll with unused one and put old one in cleaning cupboard. Wipe top of toilet roll holder.
f) Clean sink, removing plug to ensure no trapped hair or debris is present. Leave dry, check dressing gowns – put in wash, if used.
g) Wipe mirror with glass cleaner or micro-fibre cloth.
h) Wipe wooden shelf and clean nozzles of complimentary bottles; refill or change if necessary .
i) Wipe top of picture frame/mirror
j) Remove bin-bag and replace; wipe top of bin.
k) Check shower, spotlights and extractor fan all working
l) Finally, wipe floor by hand, backing out as you go, ensuring no hairs left.
6) Make up bed; flat sheet (hospital corners), duvet, housewife pillow case beneath oxford pillow case, stamp cushion stood in front of pillows. Wipe all bed surfaces before re-making and check torches for battery life; replace earplugs and wifi cards. Additional blankets washed on fast wash, tumble-dried and replaced.
7) Wipe all horizontal surfaces, including lamps and TV screen, mirrors and windows and skirting boards.
8) Check wardrobe for left-belongings. Dust top of wardrobe and leave hangers neat; wipe interior and ensure iron, fire blanket and fan heater are neatly arranged and clean.
9) Restock and clean Refreshment Centre.
• Make sure used pod is removed from coffee machine and machine cleaned thoroughly.
• Wash all used mugs, cups, spoons etc. and replace on tray.
• Replace tea-towel.
• Replenish:
a) Instant coffee
b) Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pods Expresso, Americano, Café au Lait, Decaffinated Americano
c) Breakfast & Earl Grey tea bags
d) Mint/Camomile tea bags
e) Chocolate/Horlicks/ Ovaltine sachets
f) Home-made biscuits
g) Rinse water bottle in hot water and refill with cold water.
h) On separate table: wash wine glasses and bottleopener/corkscrew; replace box of chocolates
10) Plump up cushions on chairs and vacuum chair. Check cushion covers and change and wash as necessary.
11) Vacuum carpet thoroughly, under bed and furniture.